Monday, April 24, 2017

The Mythic Line by Dale Copeland

The Mythic Line
Dale Copeland

Stop The Madness by Gail Kolflat

Stop The Madness (detail)
Gail Kolflat

Crossing Boundaries: Ages of Women

Crossing Boundaries: Ages of Women
Jeri Davis Lipov

Depicts women's shoes as personas. Initially simple, becoming more defined and ultimately softer... a meditation on aging.

PULSE by Patricia Mancini

Patricia Mancini

As a beginning student of art, (and a retired scientist) I am happiest playing with colors and shapes on canvas and letting them reflect my mood of the monent.

Everything That Keeps Me Together by Terrill Warrenburg

Everything That Keeps Me Together
Terrill Warrenburg

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cuarto de Oaxaca by Celeste Mann

Celeste Mann
Cuarto de Oaxaca

Curato de Oaxaca (A Room in Oaxaca) is part of a series of pastel paintings inspired and created in Oaxaca city in Mexico in 2015-16. I created works on paper, using mostly pastels. my influences are Spanish and Latin American artists and French impressionists.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Not Like Me by Valetta

Not Like Me

The postcards for this project were printed from an original work,

11” X 16”, that I created for the “Not Like Me” exhibition (2015)

which explored the differences and similarities in people.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunset in the City by Lilliana Didovic

Sunset in the City
Lilliana Didovic

Moon River by Deb K Simon

Moon River
Deb K Simon

My work strives to convey a sense of spirituality and atmosphere that invites a personal interpretation from the viewer.  I am drawn in by my surroundings, the people around me, the shapes and colors of clouds and sky and the movement of water. As I seek to understand and express what I see and feel with various mediums, most often it is with oil and palette knives.

Exotic,Fascinated by Muchammad Chairul Abidin (Irul)

Muchammad Chairul Abidin ( Irul )
Exotic, Fascinated

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Souvenirs by Pedro Zagitt

Pedro Zagitt

Artist's Statement

The proposal of the Mexican artist Pedro Zagitt with his postcard "Souvenirs"  is to evoke (with some ironic tone) the memories and the marks of those who have been born outside the borders of this country and that today they are here thanks to that they dared to cross BOUNDARIES.

Ursus Americanus, native to southeastern Pennsylvania by Wendelyn Anderson

Wendelyn Anderson
Ursus Americanus, native to southeastern Pennsylvania

    My current work addresses ideas of environment and whom is encroaching upon whom? As sentient beings, wildlife deserves to be treated with respect, particularly with our current climate challenges.

    I use fabric to realize many of my ideas because of how deeply it speaks to human existence.

Crossing the Aisle (detail) by Eleanore Levie

Crossing the Aisle (detail)
Eleanor Levie

Conscience and courage empower the rare senator or congressperson to vote across party lines -- especially now, amidst a circus of extreme polarization. It’s our job as constituents to remind legislators that our democratic values trump…er, supercede partisan loyalty.

Generations by Claudia Wilburn

Claudia Wilburn

The background is a combinations of images that were from letters sent to my grandmother from family members shortly after WWII.  This image is unique to this postcard and is not from a separate piece. The Moth is hand printed woodblock image and represents the ability to find light in the darkness. 

UNITY by Ona Kalstein

Ona Kalstein 

I am a retired art librarian and published illustrator, DVAA Secretary and Board member. My ink and colored pencil on vellum drawings attempt to capture a subject’s essence in terms of line, color, composition and humor, often using my own calligraphy as an integral design element.