Friday, March 31, 2017

Museum Pass by Sandra Benhaim

Museum Pass (detail)
Sandra Benhaim

My paintings and collage artworks attempt to express and celebrate my passion for nature in all its splendor of color and variety, conveyed in unabashedly exuberant coloration.The Postcard image detail explores boundaries visually in maps that juxtapose an ancient city map with a modern map fragment.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nous Militons by TL Cheung

Nous Militons
TL Cheung

My work is primarily founded on musings about personal geographies and earthly graphics.

Ode to Joy by Deborah Eater

Ode to Joy
Deborah Eater

A single thought can leap the boundaries between real and unreal, between substantial and insubstantial, between what is and what may be.  When thought leads the soul to discovery, the response is an outburst of joy.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Travel makes me happy by Linda Dubin Garfield

Travel makes me happy
Linda Dubin Garfield

I have been luck enough to visit all 7 continents, some many times. I am appreciative of our differences but am more interested in our similarities all over the world. Food, culture, music, religion may be different on the surface, but really we are all living our lives hoping for the same things for our families and ourselves.

Autumn by Andrew Walker

Andrew R. Walker

This postcard addresses the boundary of passing from youth to aging. When we move forward in life we must deal with great highs and lows. There is such a profound joy in being able to reach an advanced age yet there are many difficulties to be faced. Crossing this barrier is so complicated because we all experience it uniquely. It is a boundary that some of us embrace and others turn away from. All of life both animal and human must cross this boundary.

Respecting Our Diversity by Ramona Palmisani

Respecting Our Diversity
Ramona Palmisani

Ramona Palmisani ( RarĂ ) was born in 1989 in San Severo (FG). She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in prestigious locations such as historic buildings and museums. Her works have become part of many public and private collections. She received awards.

Going Home by Susan Stefanski

Going Home
Susan Stefanski

I made this image of my dad the day before he passed away.  I remember his last words to me were "I love you too". Dad crossed over and went to heaven.  I am lucky to have had my mom and dad for as long as I did.  All my work falls under the umbrella of "God's Gifts." I am blessed to have opportunities to express myself through art.

THOSE People by Ellen Abraham

THOSE People
Ellen Abraham

My art is a hybrid of the figurative and the abstract.The cartoon
imagery of my youthful artwork began to evolve as I grew more familiar
with German Expressionism, American Social Realism and Abstract
Expressionism. My goal is to create art that  is sown from the depths
of comic outrageousness, satirical observation  and mild misanthropy.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I can't feel my face by Ali Thompson

I can't feel my face
Ali Thompson

Ali Thompson is a feminist artist from Philadelphia specializing in pop art that is influenced by riot grrl zines, punk flyers, tattoos and comic art. She uses vintage ads from teen, housekeeping, and cat magazines to make work that is surreal and beautiful.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

L'il Abner Grows Up by Alden Cole

L'il Abner Grows Up
Alden Cole

Crossing Boundaries has been the story of my life. I grew up on a farm in Maine but have spent my entire adulthood in cities. Schooling steered me toward becoming a mathematician & scientist but serendipity challenged me to become an artist & craftsman. Indoctrinated to marry a woman & father children, I choose instead to accept that I was queer & to live openly as a male homosexual. In youth I was inculcated with a deep sense of religiosity, but maturity has enjoined me to refocus those energies on living a spiritual life which informs my art. What more can I say? Look at my Art! Be Amused. Get Inspired.

In Touch by Elke Muller

In Touch 
Elke Muller

Saturday, March 4, 2017

How Timely This Project Has Become! Written by Eleanor Levie

The U.S. Administration prepares to reissue a harsher immigration ban targeting seven predominantly Muslim countries. A refugee crisis explodes around the world. Energy and resistance mount to defend gender equality, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.
Never before has there been a more powerful moment for Crossing Boundaries: The Philadelphia Postcard Project.
Calling all artists: become part of a diverse, inclusive, exploration of boundaries and get exposure for your work at the same time. Simply choose an image -- could be a detail--from your body of work that speaks to crossing boundaries… whether they be physical, geographical, cultural, personal. Boundaries as positive concepts, as in: good parents set boundaries for their children. Boundaries as negative concepts: a prison to escape, a restriction to lift.

Keep your work! Get just the image printed onto a 4” x 6” postcard. Use the front or the back to add information as desired: Title of work, artist’s name, contact information as would appear on a business card, making this an excellent publicity and PR opportunity.

It is relatively cheap to have 250 postcards printed and sent. Suggested postcard printers:, or In addition, a local Philadelphia printer will grant you a 20% discount; use DVAADISCOUNT and this link  No delivery charges if you email Linda Dubin Garfield: to let her know to arrange pick up.

Postcards will be displayed  at the Da Vinci Art Alliance from May 3-24. Boxes of your postcards     with boxes available for the taking and collecting by any visitor to DVAA.

Also on exhibit during this time, will be the work of six immigrant artists from all over the world—a celebration of diversity in the city of Brotherly love.  Art to enjoy as an antidote for high anxiety at this point in time, and as a celebration of the diversity of voices in the art community with the courage to cross boundaries.

Important dates:
By April 1, 2017:
Send preview info to
Put Postcard Project in subject line.
Attach jpeg of postcard (shortest side
between 500 - 900 pixels). Include your
name as you want it to appear online and
in the exhibition, your contact info, and an
artist statement of no more than 50 words.

By April 8, 2017:
Send 250 postcards in box to:
Elke Muller
1008 Dickinson St.
Phila, PA 19147

Written by by Eleanor Levie, member of The Philadelphia Postcard Project Committee

Cuarto de Oaxaca by Celeste Mann

Celeste Mann
Cuarto de Oaxaca

Curato de Oaxaca (A Room in Oaxaca) is part of a series of pastel paintings inspired and created in Oaxaca city in Mexico in 2015-16. I created works on paper, using mostly pastels. my influences are Spanish and Latin American artists and French impressionists.

Crossing to Freedom by Louise Herring

Crossing to Freedom
Louise Herring

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Postcard from Lion Studio

Lion Studio

My postcard features a detail from a larger surrealistic comic I'm slowly creating. The original photo collaged panels are mounted on magnets so they can be rearrange to suit the viewer.